Lengua inglesa
1 any of the parts of the face, eg eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
2 (features) the face.
3 a characteristic.
4 a noticeable part or quality of something.
5 an extended article in a newspaper, magazine, etc discussing a particular issue a feature on coalmining in Britain .
6 an article or item appearing regularly in a newspaper, magazine, etc.
7 a feature film.
verb (featured , featuring )
1 to have as a feature or make a feature of something.
2 to give prominence to (an actor, a well-known event, etc) in a film The film features the French Revolution .
3 intr (usu feature in something) to play an important part or role in it (eg a film, documentary, etc).
[14c in the sense -bodily form-: from French faiture ]
featureless adjective dull; with no points of interest.

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feature film
noun a full-length film that forms the main part of a cinema programme, as opposed to a short, trailers or advertising, etc.

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adjective said of films, television programmes, etc: comparable in length to a feature film.

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1 said of an actor, etc: prominent in a particular film, etc.
2 in compounds having features of a specified type sharp-featured .

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noun a short additional item, such as a documentary about the making of the film, included on the DVD of a feature film.

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