Lengua inglesa
1 a male parent.
2 (fathers) one's ancestors.
3 a founder, inventor, originator, pioneer or early leader.
4 (Father) a title or form of address for a priest.
5 (Father) Christianity
a God;
b the first person of the Trinity (see trinity); God.
6 (fathers) the leading or senior men of a city, etc.
7 the oldest member or member of longest standing of a profession or body.
8 (Father) used as a title in personifying something ancient or venerable Father Time .
9 one of a group of ecclesiastical writers of the early centuries, usually ending with Ambrose, Jerome and Augustine.
verb (fathered , fathering )
1 to be the father of (a child); to beget (offspring); to procreate.
2 to invent or originate (an idea).
3 (usu father something on or upon someone) to claim that they are the father of something or that something is their responsibility.
[Anglo-Saxon fæder ]
fatherhood noun .
fatherless adjective not having a living father.
fatherlike adjective .
how's your father see under how.

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