Lengua inglesa
1 a hand-held device made of paper, silk, etc, usually semicircular and folding flat when not in use, for creating a current of air to cool the face.
2 a something of a similar shape, ie a semicircle or a smaller sector of a circle;
b any structure that can be spread into the shape of a fan, eg a bird's wing or tail.
3 a machine with revolving blades, for producing a current of air.
4 a device for winnowing grain.
verb (fanned , fanning )
1 to cool something or someone by blowing a current of air onto it, with or as if with a fan.
2 to kindle something or stir something up, with or as if with a current of air.
3 to agitate (air), with or as if with a fan.
4 tr & intr (often fan out or fan something out) to spread out, or cause to spread out, in the shape of a fan .
5 to winnow (grain).
[Anglo-Saxon fann ]

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noun an enthusiastic supporter or devoted admirer of something, eg a pop group, a football team, a sport, etc.
[17c: from fanatic]

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