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adjective (extremer , extremest )
1 very high, or highest, in degree or intensity.
2 very far, or furthest, in any direction, especially out from the centre.
3 very violent or strong.
4 not moderate; severe extreme measures .
1 either of two people or things as far, or as different, as possible from each other.
2 the highest limit; the greatest degree of any state or condition.
[15c: from Latin extremus , from exterus on the outside]
extremely adverb to an extreme degree.
go to extremes to take action beyond what is thought to be reasonable.
in the extreme to the highest degree.

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extreme programming or Extreme Programming
noun , comput (abbreviation XP) a method of software development which encourages customer input and emphasizes, among other things, continual testing and revision of a simple code which is written by pairs of programmers.

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extreme sport
noun an unconventional sport that exposes the participants to personal danger, eg bungee jumping.

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extreme unction
noun , RC Church the former name for the sacrament of the sick.

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