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verb (extracted , extracting )
1 to pull or draw something out, especially by force or with effort.
2 to separate (a substance) from a liquid or solid mixture.
3 to derive (pleasure, etc).
4 to obtain (money, etc) by threats or violence; extort.
5 to select (passages from a book, etc).
1 a passage selected from a book, etc.
2 chem a substance that is separated from a liquid or solid mixture by using heat, solvents or distillation, etc.
[15c: from Latin extrahere , extractum to draw out]
extractability noun .
extractable adjective .
extractor noun
1 a person or thing that extracts.
2 an extractor fan.

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1 the act of extracting.
2 the process whereby a metal is obtained from its ore.
3 the removal of a tooth from its socket.
4 the use of a solvent to separate a substance from a liquid or solid mixture.
5 family origin; descent of Dutch extraction .

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extractor fan or extraction fan
noun an electric device for ventilating a room or building, etc.

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