Lengua inglesa
verb (excused , excusing )
1 to pardon or forgive someone.
2 to offer justification for (a wrongdoing).
3 to free someone from (an obligation or duty, etc).
4 to allow someone to leave a room, etc, eg in order to go to the lavatory.
1 an explanation for a wrongdoing, offered as an apology or justification.
2 derog a very poor example You'll never sell this excuse for a painting!
[14c: from Latin excusare , from ex from + causa cause or accusation]
excusable adjective .
excusably adverb .
excuse me an expression of apology, or one used to attract attention.
excuse oneself to leave after apologizing or asking permission.
make one's excuses to apologize for leaving or for not attending.

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noun (excuse-mes ) a dance during which one may exchange partners.

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