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1 absolutely accurate or correct.
2 insisting on accuracy or precision in even the smallest details.
3 dealing with measurable quantities or values Psychology is not an exact science .
verb (exacted , exacting )
1 (usu exact something from or of someone) to demand (payment, etc) from them.
2 to insist on (a right, etc).
3 to inflict (revenge or punishment) on someone.
[15c: from Latin exigere , exactum to demand]
exacting adjective making difficult or excessive demands.
exactingly adverb .
exaction noun , formal
1 the act of demanding payment, or the payment demanded.
2 illegal demands for money; extortion.
exactitude noun , formal accuracy or correctness.
exactness noun .

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1 just; quite, precisely or absolutely.
2 with accuracy; with attention to detail.
3 said in reply: you are quite right.
not exactly
1 not altogether.
2 colloq, ironic not at all.

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