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verb (edited , editing )
1 to prepare (a book, newspaper, programme, film, etc) for publication or broadcasting, especially by making corrections or alterations.
2 to be in overall charge of the process of producing (a newspaper, etc).
3 to compile (a reference work).
4 (usu edit out something) to remove (parts of a work) before printing or broadcasting, etc.
5 to prepare (a cinema film, or a TV or radio programme) by putting together material previously photographed or recorded.
6 to prepare (data) for processing by a computer.
noun a period or instance of editing.
[18c: from editor]
edited adjective .

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1 edited.
2 edition.

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1 the total number of copies of a book, etc printed at one time, or at different times without alteration.
2 one of a series of printings of a book or periodical, etc, produced with alterations and corrections made by the author or an editor.
3 the form in which a book, etc is published paperback edition .
4 the form given to a work by its editor or publisher the Cambridge edition .

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1 a person who edits books, etc.
2 a person who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine, etc, or one section of it letters to the editor the Arts editor .
3 a person who is in charge of a radio or TV programme which is made up of different items, eg a news programme.
4 a person who puts together the various sections of a cinema film, etc.
editorship noun .

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adjective referring or relating to editors or editing.
noun an article written by or on behalf of the editor of a newspaper or magazine, usually one offering an opinion on a current topic.
editorially adverb .

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