Lengua inglesa
1 the measured length between two points in space.
2 the fact of being apart.
3 any faraway point or place; the furthest visible area.
4 coldness of manner.
5 Brit, horse-racing a point 240 yards back from the winning post.
6 US, horse-racing a final stretch of the course which a horse must reach during the heats before the winner reaches the finish, in order to qualify for the final heat.
adjective , athletics
1 said of races: over a long distance.
2 said of athletes: competing in longer races.
verb (distanced , distancing )
1 to put someone or something at a distance.
2 (usu distance oneself from someone or something) to declare oneself to be unconnected or unsympathetic to something distanced themselves from government policy .
[13c: from Latin distancia ]
go the distance colloq said especially of someone involved in a boxing match: to last out until the end.
keep one's distance to stay safely away, especially refusing involvement; to avoid friendship or familiarity.

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distance learning
noun the studying of educational courses using means such as correspondence courses, electronic media, etc, for students unable to attend the educational establishment concerned in person.

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