Lengua inglesa
1 straight; following the quickest and shortest path from beginning to end or to a destination.
2 said of a person's manner, etc: open, straightforward and honest; going straight to the point.
3 with no other factors involved the direct cause of the accident .
4 not working or communicating through other people, organizations, etc a direct link with the chairman .
5 exact; complete a direct opposite .
6 forming or being part of an unbroken line of descent from parent to child to grandchild, etc a direct descendant of Sir Walter Raleigh .
verb (directed , directing )
1 to point, aim or turn something in a particular direction.
2 to show the way to someone.
3 tr & intr (usu direct someone to do something or something to be done or that something be done) to give orders or instructions.
4 to control or manage something; to be in charge of something.
5 tr & intr to plan and supervise the production of (a play or film).
6 formal to put a name and address on (a letter, etc).
adverb directly; by the quickest or shortest path.
[14c, originally meaning -to send a letter to someone-: from Latin directus , from dirigere to direct or guide]

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