Lengua inglesa
X pronunciación 1 or x
noun (Xs , X's or x's )
1 the twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet.
2 something shaped like the letter X.
3 an unknown or unnamed person.

X pronunciación 2
1 maths (usu x) an unknown quantity; the first of a pair or group of unknown quantities. See also Y3, Z3.
2 the Roman numeral for 10.
3 formerly a film classified as suitable for people over the age of 17 (in the USA) or 18 (in the UK; now replaced by -18- in the UK and -NC-17- in the USA).
4 a mark used:
a to symbolize a kiss;
b to indicate an error;
c as the signature of an illiterate person, etc.
5 Christ, as in Xmas.
[From X = chi, letter of the Greek alphabet, and the first letter of Christos , the Greek form of Christ ]

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