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would pronunciación
auxiliary verb , used:
1 in reported speech, as the past tense of will1 said she would leave at 10 .
2 to indicate willingness, readiness, or ability was asked to help, but wouldn't The radio just would not work .
3 to express probability They would surely have heard .
4 to indicate habitual action would always telephone at six .
5 to imply that some happening is predictable or unsurprising She refused, but I suppose she would .
6 to suggest obstinate resistance to advice He would have his own way .
7 to express frustration at some happening It would rain, just as we're setting out .
8 to express the probable outcome of a particular condition In your place, I would have told her .
9 to make polite invitations, offers or requests Would you ring her back?
10 to express a desire I wish she would stop talking .
11 in politely expressing and seeking opinions I would suggest Would you not agree?
[Anglo-Saxon wolde , past tense of wyllan ]
would that?old use if only? Would that I were twenty again . See also should.

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