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without pronunciación
1 not having the company of someone She went home without him .
2 deprived of someone or something He can't live without her .
3 not having something a blue sky without a cloud .
4 lacking something books without covers .
5 not (behaving as expected or in a particular way) answered without smiling did it without being told .
6 not giving or showing, etc something complied without a murmur .
7 free from something admitted it without shame .
8 not encountering (some possible circumstance) managed without difficulty completed the rescue without anyone getting hurt .
9 not having (something required); in neglect of (a usual procedure) entered without permission imprisoned without trial .
10 not using; not having the help of something opened it without a key found our way without a map .
11 not needing; while not doing or needing to do something swimming a length without coming up for air .
12 if it had not been for someone or something would have died without their help .
13 old use or literary outside without the walls .
adverb , old use outside He is without .
[Anglo-Saxon withutan ]
go without something see under go1.

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