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wild pronunciación
adjective (wilder , wildest )
1 said of animals: untamed or undomesticated; not dependent on humans.
2 said of plants: growing in a natural uncultivated state.
3 said of country: desolate, rugged, inhospitable or uninhabitable.
4 said of peoples: savage; uncivilized.
5 unrestrained; uncontrolled wild fury .
6 frantically excited.
7 distraught wild with grief .
8 dishevelled; disordered wild attire .
9 said of the eyes: staring; distracted or scared-looking.
10 said of weather: stormy.
11 said of plans or hopes, etc: crazy; impracticable or unrealistic.
12 said of a guess: very approximate, or quite random.
13 colloq intensely enthusiastic or keen wild about her new puppy .
14 colloq furious; extremely angry.
15 slang enjoyable; terrific.
1 (the wild) a wild animal's or plant's natural environment or life in it returned the cub to the wild .
2 (wilds) lonely, sparsely inhabited regions away from the city.
[Anglo-Saxon wilde ]
wildish adjective .
wildly adverb .
wildness noun .
run wild
1 said of a garden or plants: to revert to a wild, overgrown and uncultivated state.
2 said eg of children: to live a life of freedom, with little discipline or control.
wild and woolly unrefined or unpolished; crude.

wild boar
noun a wild pig of Europe, NW Africa and S Asia, with prominent tusks, which is the direct ancestor of the domestic pig.

wild card
1 someone allowed to compete in a sports event, despite lacking the usual or stipulated qualifications.
2 comput a symbol, eg an asterisk, that can be used to represent any character or set of characters in a certain position, in order to identify text strings with variable contents.
3 cards a card that is able to be allocated any rank or value.

wild dog
noun any of several wild species of dog, especially the dingo.

wild horse
1 an untamed or undomesticated horse.
2 (wild horses) colloq the greatest possible persuasion or influence Wild horses could not drag me back to that place .

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