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whip pronunciación
1 a lash with a handle for driving animals or punishing people.
2 a stroke administered by, or as if by, such a lash.
3 a whipping action or motion.
4 someone accustomed to using, or proficient with, a whip, especially a driver or coachman.
5 politics a member of a parliamentary party responsible for members' discipline, and for their attendance to vote on important issues.
6 politics a notice sent to members by a party whip requiring their attendance for a vote, urgency being indicated ( in compounds ) by the number of underlinings a three-line whip .
7 a dessert of any of various flavours made with beaten egg-whites or cream.
8 a whipper-in.
9 a simple form of hoisting apparatus consisting of a single rope and block.
verb (whipped , whipping )
1 to strike or thrash with a whip.
2 to punish someone with lashes or smacking.
3 to lash someone or something with the action or force of a whip a sharp wind whipped their faces .
4 tr & intr to move or make something move with a sudden or whip-like motion the branch whipped back .
5 (usu whip something off or out, etc ) to take or snatch it whipped out a revolver .
6 tr & intr to move smartly whipped out of sight .
7 to rouse, goad, drive or force into a certain state whipped the crowd into a fury .
8 colloq to steal.
9 to beat (egg-whites or cream, etc) until stiff.
10 to make (egg-whites) frothy by rapidly stirring and turning them with a whisk or similar utensil.
11 to wind cord round (a rope, etc) to prevent fraying.
12 to oversew; to sew using whipstitch.
13 colloq to outdo, outwit or defeat.
whipper noun .
whipping noun , adjective .
a fair crack of the whip see under crack.
whip something up
1 to arouse (support, enthusiasm or other feelings) for something.
2 to prepare (a meal, etc) at short notice.

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