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while pronunciación
1 at the same time as She held the bowl while I stirred .
2 for as long as; for the whole time that guards us while we sleep .
3 during the time that happened while we were abroad .
4 whereas He likes fishing, while she prefers sailing .
5 although While I see your point, I still cannot agree .
adverb at or during which all the months while I was ill .
noun a space or lapse of time after a while .
verb (whiled , whiling ) (often while away something) to pass (time or hours, etc) in a leisurely or undemanding way.
[Anglo-Saxon hwil ]
all the while during all the time that.
every once in a while or once in a while now and then; sometimes but not often.
for a while for a long time I haven't been to the cinema for a while .
in a while or little while in a short time I'm going out in a while anyway .
in between whiles during the intervals.
make it worth someone's while colloq to reward them well for their trouble.
worth while or one's while worth one's time and trouble.

También tienes: wile
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