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wet pronunciación
adjective (wetter , wettest )
1 covered or soaked in water, rain, perspiration, tears or other liquid.
2 said of the weather: rainy.
3 said of paint, cement or varnish, etc: not yet dried.
4 said of a baby: having a urine-soaked nappy.
5 derog slang said of a person: feeble; ineffectual.
6 Brit derog in politics: moderately Conservative, especially as judged by more right-wing Conservatives.
7 N Am hist allowing the sale of alcoholic drink.
8 chem said of processes and methods, etc: using liquid.
9 said of natural gases: containing large amounts of liquid constituents.
1 moisture.
2 rainy weather; rain Don't stay outside in the wet!
3 derog slang a feeble ineffectual person.
4 colloq in politics: a moderate Conservative.
5 colloq an alcoholic drink; a dram.
6 (wets) tyres that give a racing car additional grip in wet conditions.
verb (wet or wetted , wetting )
1 to make someone or something wet; to splash or soak them or it.
2 to urinate on something.
[Anglo-Saxon wæt ]
wetly adverb .
wetness noun .
wet behind the ears colloq immature or inexperienced.
wet oneself
1 to make oneself wet by urinating inadvertently.
2 to be so excited or frightened, etc as to be on the point of urinating inadvertently.
wet one's whistle see under whistle.
wet the baby's head colloq to celebrate a baby's birth with drinks, usually alcoholic ones.
wet through completely wet.

wet There is often a spelling confusion between wet and whet.

wet blanket
noun a dreary and pessimistic person who dampens the enthusiasm and enjoyment of others; a killjoy.

wet dream
noun an erotic dream that causes the involuntary ejaculation of semen.

wet fly
noun , angling a fly for use on or under water.

wet monsoon see under monsoon

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