Lengua inglesa
1 a piece of solid wood, metal or other material, tapering to a thin edge, that is driven into eg wood to split it, pushed into a narrow gap between moving parts to immobilize them, or used to hold a door open, etc.
2 anything shaped like a wedge, usually cut from something circular.
3 a shoe heel in the form of a wedge, tapering towards the sole.
4 golf a club with a steeply angled wedge-shaped head for lofting the ball.
verb (wedged , wedging )
1 to fix or immobilize something in position with, or as if with, a wedge.
2 to thrust, insert or squeeze, or be pushed or squeezed like a wedge wedged herself into the corner .
[Anglo-Saxon wecg ]
wedged adjective .
wedgy adjective .
drive a wedge between people to cause ill-feeling or division between people who were formerly friendly or united.
the thin end of the wedge the small beginning of a significant, usually unwanted, development.

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