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treat pronunciación
verb (treated , treating )
1 to deal with or behave towards someone or something in a specified manner treat it as a joke .
2 to care for or deal with (a person, illness, injury, etc) medically.
3 to put something through a process or apply something to it treat the wood with creosote .
4 to provide with food, drink, entertainment, a gift, etc at one's own expense I'll treat you to lunch .
5 tr & intr (often treat of) to deal with or discuss a subject, especially in writing.
6 intr (usu treat with) to negotiate with another nation, person, etc in order to settle a dispute, end a war, etc.
1 a gift, such as an outing, meal, present, etc, that one person gives to another.
2 any source of pleasure or enjoyment, especially when unexpected.
[13c: from French traitier , tretier , from Latin tractare to manage, from trahere , tractum to draw or drag]
treatable adjective .
treater noun .
treating noun .
a treat colloq, sometimes ironic very good or well He looked a treat in his kilt .

treatise pronunciación
noun a formal piece of writing that deals with a subject systematically and in depth.
[14c: from French tretis , from traitier to treat]

treatment pronunciación
1 the medical or surgical care that a patient is given to cure an illness or injury.
2 an act or the manner or process of dealing with someone or something rough treatment .
3 a way of presenting something, especially in literature, music, art, etc his sympathetic treatment of his women characters .
4 the act, means or process of dealing with something, especially by using a chemical, biological, etc agent Cold water is the best treatment for blood stains .
the (full) treatment colloq the appropriate or usual way of dealing with someone or something, especially in its most complete, thorough or complicated form The police took her in for questioning and gave her the full treatment .

noun (treaties )
a a formal agreement between states or governments, especially one that ratifies a peace or trade agreement;
b the document ratifying such an agreement.
2 an agreement between two parties or individuals, especially one that formalizes the purchase of property.
[14c: from French traité , from Latin tractatus , from tractare ; see treat]

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