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1 chem (symbol Sn, atomic number 50) a soft silvery-white metallic element obtained from ores such as cassiterite and used as a thin protective coating for steel, eg in -tin- cans, and as a component of various alloys, eg bronze, pewter and solder.
2 an airtight metal container, often composed of steel coated with a thin layer of tin, used for storing food.
3 any of several containers of different shapes and sizes made usually of tin or aluminium and in which food is cooked.
4 a tinful.
5 a strip of tin along the bottom of the front wall of a squash court.
6 Brit slang money.
adjective made of tin.
verb (tinned , tinning )
1 to pack (food) in tins; to can.
2 to cover or coat with tin. See also tinny.

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