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tick pronunciación 1
1 a regular tapping or clicking sound, such as that made by a watch or clock.
2 Brit colloq a moment Wait a tick .
3 a small mark, usually a downward-sloping line with the bottom part bent upwards, used to show that something is correct, to mark off items on a list once they are dealt with, etc. Compare cross ( noun 1).
verb (ticked , ticking )
1 intr said eg of a clock: to make a tick or ticks.
2 intr (usu tick away) said of time: to pass steadily.
3 to mark with a written tick. N Am equivalent check.
4 (often tick something off) to count something (eg an item on a list) by marking a tick beside it.
[15c in the form tek a little touch]
what makes someone tick colloq their underlying character and motivation.
tick someone off colloq to scold them.
tick over
1 to function or work quietly and smoothly at a relatively gentle or moderate rate.
2 said of an engine: to idle.

tick pronunciación 2
1 any of several bloodsucking spider-like insects that live on the skin of some animals, eg dogs and cattle.
2 any of several bloodsucking flies that live on the skins of eg sheep and birds.
[Anglo-Saxon ticia ]

tick pronunciación 3
1 the strong cover of a mattress, pillow or bolster.
2 short for ticking.
[15c: from Greek theke case]

tick pronunciación 4
noun , Brit colloq credit buy it on tick .
[17c: a shortening of ticket]

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