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definite article
1 used to refer to a particular person or thing, or group of people or things, already mentioned, implied or known Pass me the CD .
2 used to refer to a unique person or thing the Pope .
3 used before a singular noun: denoting all the members of a group or class a history of the novel .
4 used before an adjective: denoting
a something that is (a specified thing) the paranormal ;
b people who are (a specified thing) the poor .
5 used before certain titles and proper names.
6 used before an adjective or noun describing an identified person Robert the Bruce .
7 used after a preposition to refer to a unit of quantity or time, etc a car which does forty miles to the gallon paid by the hour .
8 colloq my; our I'd better check with the wife .
1 used before comparative adjectives or adverbs to indicate (by) so much or (by) how much the sooner the better .
2 used before superlative adjectives and adverbs to indicate an amount beyond all others like this book the best .
[Anglo-Saxon, meaning -who-, -which- or -that-, replacing earlier se that]

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