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adjective said of food, music, etc: typically Mexican but with elements either taken from, or adapted through contact with, Texan culture.
[1940s: from Tex an + Mex ican]

Tex. see TX

text pronunciación
1 the main body of printed words in a book as opposed to the notes and illustrations, etc.
2 the actual words of an author or piece of written work as opposed to commentary on them.
3 a short passage from the Bible, especially taken as the starting-point for a sermon.
4 a theme or subject.
5 a book, novel or play, etc that forms part of a course of study a set text .
6 comput the words written or displayed on a screen.
7 a text message.
8 a textbook.
verb (texted , texting ) tr & intr to send a text message (to).
[14c: from Latin texere , textum to weave]
texter noun .
texting noun .

text message
noun a short message, often using abbreviations, keyed and sent by means of a mobile phone. Often shortened to text.
text messaging noun .

noun a book that contains the standard principles of, and information on, a subject.
adjective conforming or as if conforming to the guidance of a textbook; exemplary textbook accountancy .

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