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template or templet
1 a piece of metal, plastic or wood cut in a particular shape and used as a pattern when cutting out material or drawing, etc.
2 a small wooden beam or block placed in a wall to help spread and support the weight or load.
3 biol the coded instructions carried by a molecule for the formation of a new molecule of the same type.
[17c: from Latin templum small piece of timber]

temple pronunciación 1
1 a building in which people worship, especially in ancient and non-Christian religions, and in some Christian sects such as the Mormons.
2 (Temple) hist either of the two successive religious buildings built by the Jews in Jerusalem, one before and one after the exile in Babylon.
3 a place devoted to a particular purpose a temple to literature .
4 esp US a synagogue, especially in Reform or Conservative Judaism.
[Anglo-Saxon templ : from Latin templum ]

temple pronunciación 2
noun either of the two flat parts of the head at the side of the forehead above the cheekbone. See also temporal2.
[14c: French, from Latin tempus ]

temple pronunciación 3
noun a device in a loom which keeps the cloth stretched.
[15c: French, from Latin templum small piece of timber]

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