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tell pronunciación 1/
verb (told , telling )
1 tr & intr to inform or give information to someone in speech or writing.
2 tr & intr (often tell of something) to relate or give an account of something.
3 to command or instruct.
4 to express something in words tell lies .
5 tr & intr to discover or distinguish You can tell it by its smell impossible to tell one from the other .
6 intr (usu tell on someone) to inform on them.
7 to make something known or give it away.
8 intr (often tell on someone) said of an ordeal, etc: to have a noticeable effect on them.
9 tr & intr to know or recognize something definitely I can never tell when he's lying .
10 to assure.
11 intr (usu tell against someone) said of evidence or circumstances, etc: to be unfavourable to a person's case or cause, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon tellan ]
all told in all; with all taken into account There were 30 all told .
take a telling to do as one is told without having to be asked again.
you're telling me! colloq an exclamation of agreement.
tell someone or something apart to distinguish between them can't tell the twins apart .
tell someone off
1 to scold or reprimand them.
2 to count them off and detach them on some special duty.

tell pronunciación 2 or tel
noun , archaeol especially in the Middle East: an artificial mound or hill formed from the accumulated remains of former settlements.
[19c: from Arabic tall hillock]

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