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taste pronunciación
verb (tasted , tasting )
1 tr & intr to perceive the flavour of (food, drink or some other substance) by means of the sensation produced on the surface of the tongue.
2 to try or test (a food or drink) by eating or drinking a small amount of it.
3 to be aware of or recognize the flavour of something.
4 (taste of something) to have a specified flavour This cake tastes of vanilla .
5 to eat or drink, especially in small quantities or with enjoyment I had not tasted food for days .
6 to experience taste defeat .
1 the particular sensation produced when food, drink or other substances are placed on the tongue.
2 the sense by which we perceive the flavour of food and drink, etc.
3 the quality or flavour of a food, drink or other substance that is perceived by this sense dislike the taste of onions .
4 an act of tasting or a small quantity of food or drink tasted.
5 a first, usually brief, experience of something a taste of what was to come .
6 the quality or flavour of something the sweet taste of victory .
7 a liking or preference a taste for exotic holidays .
8 the ability to judge and appreciate what is suitable, fine, elegant or beautiful a joke in poor taste .
[13c: from French taster to touch]
tastable adjective .
to taste as needed to give a pleasing flavour Add salt to taste .

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