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talk pronunciación
verb (talked , talking )
1 intr (often talk to or with someone) to express one's ideas, feelings and thoughts by means of spoken words, or by sign language, etc; to have a conversation or discussion.
2 to discuss; to speak about something Let's talk business .
3 intr to use or be able to use speech.
4 to express; to utter Don't talk nonsense!
5 intr to gossip.
6 intr to give away secret information.
7 to use (a language) or speak in it talk Dutch .
8 to get (oneself) into a certain state by talking talked themselves hoarse .
9 intr to have influence Money talks .
10 intr to give a talk or lecture Our guest speaker is going to talk about pot-holing .
1 a conversation or discussion.
2 (often talks) a formal discussion or series of negotiations.
3 an informal lecture.
4 gossip or rumour, or the subject of it the talk of the town .
5 fruitless or impractical discussion or boasting His threats are just talk .
6 a particular way of speaking or communicating baby talk .
talker noun .
now you're talking colloq now you are saying something I want to hear.
talk about?colloq, often ironic used to emphasize something as an extreme example Talk about expensive!
talk big colloq to talk boastfully.
you can't talk colloq you are in no position to criticize or disagree.
talk back to answer rudely, impudently or boldly.
talk someone or something down
1 to silence them by speaking more loudly or aggressively.
2 to help (a pilot or aircraft) to land by sending instructions over the radio.
talk down to someone to talk patronizingly or condescendingly to them.
talk someone into or out of something to persuade them to do or not to do it.
talk something out
1 to resolve (a problem or difference of opinion) by discussion.
2 Brit to defeat (a bill or motion in parliament) by prolonging discussion of it until there is not enough time left to vote on it.
talk something over to discuss it thoroughly.
talk round something to discuss various aspects of (a subject or problem, etc) without addressing the central issue or coming to a conclusion.
talk someone round to bring them to one's own way of thinking by talking persuasively.

talk show
noun , esp N Am a chat show.

talkative pronunciación
adjective talking a lot; chatty.

noun (talkies ) dated colloq a cinema film with sound, especially one of the first such films.
[Early 20c: originally US, shortened from talking movie ]

noun a subject for discussion.

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