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system pronunciación
1 a set of interconnected or interrelated parts forming a complex whole the transport system the human digestive system .
2 an arrangement of mechanical, electrical or electronic parts functioning as a unit a stereo system .
3 a way of working; a method or arrangement of organization or classification a more efficient filing system the capitalist system .
4 efficiency of organization; methodicalness; orderliness You need to get some system into your exam revision .
5 one's mind or body regarded as a set of interconnected parts get the anger out of your system .
6 (the system) society, or the network of institutions that control it, usually regarded as an oppressive force.
7 astron a group of heavenly bodies consisting of a central body (eg a sun or a planet) and others (planets or moons respectively) which move around it under the influence of their mutual attraction the solar system .
8 geol the basic unit of classification of rock strata formed during a single period of geological time, ranking above series (sense 8) and characterized by its fossil content.
9 an interrelated body of doctrines or theories; a full and connected view of some branch of knowledge.
[17c: from Greek systema ]
all systems go or all systems are go colloq everything is ready
[20c: originally astronautics jargon].

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