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symbol pronunciación
1 a thing that represents or stands for another, usually something concrete or material representing an idea or emotion, eg the colour red representing danger.
2 a letter or sign used to represent a quantity, idea, object, operation, etc, such as the × used in mathematics to represent the multiplication process or £ used for pound sterling.
3 psychol an object or action which represents an unconscious or repressed conflict.
[16c in senses 1 and 2; 15c, meaning -creed-, -statement of doctrine-: from Greek symbolon token]
symbolic or symbolical adjective
1 being a symbol of something; representing or standing for something.
2 relating to symbols or their use.
symbolically adverb .

symbolic interactionism
noun a sociological theory which attempts to explain patterns of behaviour in terms of the meanings and symbols that people share in everyday interaction, and which emphasizes that mutual understanding depends on people continually checking and negotiating the meaning of what they say and how they behave.

symbolic logic
noun a branch of logic which uses symbols instead of propositions and terms, as a means of clarifying reasoning.

symbolism pronunciación
1 the use of symbols, especially to express ideas or emotions in literature, cinema, etc.
2 a system of symbols.
3 symbolic meaning or nature.
4 (usu Symbolism) a 19c movement in art and literature which made extensive use of symbols to indicate or evoke emotions or ideas.
symbolist noun an artist or writer who uses symbolism.

symbolize pronunciación or symbolise
verb (symbolized , symbolizing )
1 to be a symbol of something; to stand for something.
2 to represent something by means of a symbol or symbols.
symbolization noun .
symbolizer noun .

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