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swell pronunciación
verb (past tense swelled , past participle swollen or swelled , present participle swelling )
1 tr & intr (also swell up or out, or swell something up or out) to become, or make something, bigger or fatter through injury or infection, or by filling with liquid or air.
2 tr & intr to increase or make something increase in number, size or intensity.
3 intr to become visibly filled with emotion, especially pride.
4 intr said of the sea: to rise and fall in smooth masses without forming individual waves.
5 intr said of a sound: to become louder and then die away.
1 a heaving of the sea without waves.
2 an increase in number, size or intensity.
3 an increase in volume of sound or music, followed by a dying away.
4 old colloq someone who dresses smartly and fashionably.
5 old colloq a prominent member of society.
6 music a device in organs and some harpsichords for increasing and decreasing the volume of sound.
7 a broad rounded hill; a piece of smoothly rising ground.
adjective , interjection , chiefly N Am colloq excellent.
[Anglo-Saxon swellan ]
swelling noun an area of the body that is temporarily swollen as a result of injury or infection.

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