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1 said of a person, their joints, etc: bending easily; flexible.
2 said of a person's attitude, nature, etc: compliant; easily talked round to another's way of thinking.
[13c: French, from Latin supplex bending under]
supplely adverb .
suppleness noun .

supplement pronunciación
1 something that is added to make something else complete or that makes up a deficiency vitamin supplement .
2 an extra section added to a book to give additional information or to correct previous errors.
3 a a separate part that comes with a newspaper, especially a weekend edition;
b a separate part that comes with a magazine, especially one that covers a specific topic.
4 an additional charge for a specified service, etc.
5 maths the amount by which an angle or arc is less than 180°.
verb (supplemented , supplementing ) (often supplement by or with something) to add to something; to make up a lack of something.
[14c: from Latin supplementum a filling up, from supplere to supply]
supplemental adjective .
supplementally adverb .
supplementation noun .

supplementary pronunciación
adjective additional; acting as or forming a supplement The tie in the quiz was resolved by a supplementary question .
supplementarily adverb .

supplementary angle
noun one of a pair of angles whose sum is 180 degrees. Compare conjugate angle, complementary angle.

supplementary benefit
noun , Brit a state allowance formerly paid weekly to people on very low incomes in order to bring their incomes up to a certain agreed level. It was replaced by income support in 1988.

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