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1 the total that is arrived at when two or more numbers, quantities, ideas, feelings, etc are added together The sum of four and two is six The sum of her resentments is detailed in the memo .
2 an amount of money, often a specified or particular one a ridiculous sum to pay the grand sum of 50p .
3 a an arithmetical calculation, especially of a basic kind;
b (sums) colloq arithmetic I was never very good at sums .
as adjective the sum total of his life's work .
verb (summed , summing ) to calculate the sum of something.
[13c: from French summe , from Latin summa top, from summus highest]
in sum briefly; to sum up.
sum up
1 to summarize before finishing a speech, argument, etc And so, to sum up, my main points are as follows?
2 said of a judge: to review the main points of a case for the jury before they retire to consider their verdict. See also summing-up.
sum up someone or something
1 to express or embody the complete character or nature of them or it That kind of pettiness just sums her up .
2 to make a quick assessment of (a person, situation, etc).

noun (pl sumy ) the standard unit of currency of Uzbekistan, equal to 100 tiyn.

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