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subject pronunciación
a a matter, topic, person, etc that is under discussion or consideration or that features as the major theme in a book, film, play, etc;
b the person that a biography is written about.
2 an area of learning that forms a course of study.
3 someone or something that an artist, sculptor, photographer, etc chooses to represent.
4 someone who undergoes an experiment, operation, form of treatment, hypnosis, psychoanalysis, etc.
5 someone who is ruled by a monarch, government, etc; a citizen became an American subject .
6 grammar a word, phrase or clause which indicates the person or thing that performs the action of an active verb or that receives the action of a passive verb, eg The doctor is the subject in The doctor saw us , and We is the subject in We were seen by the doctor . See also nominative.
7 music the dominant pattern of notes that is repeated in a composition. Also called theme.
1 (often subject to something)
a liable; showing a tendency; prone Harry is subject to huge mood swings ;
b exposed; open left himself subject to ridicule ;
c conditional upon something.
2 dependent; ruled by a monarch or government a subject nation .
adverb (always subject to) conditionally upon something You may go, subject to your parent's permission .
verb (subjected , subjecting )
1 (usu subject someone or something to something) to cause them or it to undergo or experience something unwelcome, unpleasant, etc subjected them to years of abuse As a diver, he was constantly subjected to danger .
2 to make (a person, a people, nation, etc) subordinate to or under the control of another.
[13c: from Latin subjectus or thrown under, inferior]
subjectless adjective .
subjectship noun .

subject catalogue
noun a catalogue where the books are arranged according to topics rather than alphabetically by title or author.

subject heading
noun in an index, catalogue, etc: a caption under which all the related topics are collected and referenced.

subject matter
noun the main topic, theme, etc of a book, publication, talk, etc.

adjective under the domination of another a subjected people .

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