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stamp pronunciación
verb (stamped , stamping )
1 tr & intr to bring (the foot) down with force stamped her feet in rage .
2 intr to walk with a heavy tread.
3 a to imprint or impress (a mark or design);
b to imprint or impress something with a mark or design, especially to show it has official approval or that the appropriate duty, fee, etc has been paid.
4 to fix or mark deeply The experience was stamped on his memory .
5 to prove to be; to characterize His lies stamp him as untrustworthy .
6 to fix a postage or other stamp on something.
7 to crush, grind or pound (ore, etc).
a a small piece of gummed paper indicating that a tax or fee has been paid, especially a postage stamp;
b colloq a National Insurance contribution, originally recorded by sticking a stamp onto an official card.
2 a a device for stamping a mark or design;
b the mark or design that is stamped on something.
3 a characteristic mark or sign The crime bears the stamp of a professional .
4 an act or the process of stamping with the foot.
[Anglo-Saxon stampian ]
stamper noun .
stamp something out
1 to put out (a fire) by stamping on it.
2 to put an end to (an activity or practice, especially an illicit one) tried to stamp out the use of cocaine .
3 to quell it or put it down tried to stamp out the militants .
4 to eradicate (a disease) Rabies has now been stamped out .

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