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stage pronunciación
a a platform on which a performance takes place, especially one in a theatre;
b in compounds stage door stage craft .
2 a any raised area or platform;
b a platform that is used for supporting something, eg in a microscope where it supports a slide;
c a platform, especially one in a greenhouse, for putting plants on;
d a platform that juts out from the land to allow for the transfer of passengers, goods, etc on and off vessels landing stage .
3 the scene of a specified event.
4 any of several distinct and successive periods The project is at the planning stage .
5 (the stage) the theatre as a profession or art form.
6 a a part of a journey or route The last stage of the trip entails a short bus ride ;
b Brit a fare stage.
7 colloq a stagecoach.
verb (staged , staging )
1 to present a performance of (a play).
2 to organize and put on something or set it in motion It was a huge undertaking to stage the festival .
3 to prearrange something to happen in a particular way; to engineer tried to stage her colleague's downfall .
[13c: from French estage storey or tier]
hold the stage to contrive to be the centre of attention.
stage left or right at or on the left- or right-hand side of the stage when looking out at the audience.

stage directions
plural noun the instructions in a play script that relate to actors' movements, sound and lighting effects, etc.

stage door
noun the back or side entrance to a theatre that is for the exclusive use of the performers.

stage fright
noun nervousness felt when about to appear in front of an audience, especially for the first time.

stage manager
noun someone who supervises the arrangement of scenery and props for a play.

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