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special pronunciación
1 distinct from, and usually better than, others; exceptional a special occasion She was very special to him .
2 designed for a particular purpose You can get a special program to do that .
3 not ordinary or common special circumstances .
4 particular; great make a special effort .
1 something that is special, eg an extra edition of a newspaper, etc, an extra train, an item offered at a low price, a dish on a menu, etc put on four football specials .
2 a special person, such as a special police constable The specials were drafted in to control the fans .
[13c: from Latin specialis individual or particular]
specially adverb .
specialness noun .

specially There is often confusion between specially and especially: specially means -for a special purpose-, as in I made this cake specially for your birthday , whereas especially means -particularly, above all-, as in I like making cakes, especially for birthdays . You will sometimes find especially used wrongly to mean specially: ? He had driven up especially to collect her.

Special Branch
noun , Brit the police department that deals with matters of political security.

special constable
noun a member of a reserve police force who can be used to supplement the regular force when necessary.

special correspondent
noun , Brit a journalist who has a remit to cover a particular area of news.

special delivery
noun a delivery of post, etc by messenger outside normal delivery times.

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