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soot pronunciación
noun a black powdery substance produced when coal or wood is imperfectly burned; smut.
verb (sooted , sooting ) to cover, smear or dirty with soot.
[Anglo-Saxon sot ]

soothe pronunciación
verb (soothed , soothing )
1 to bring relief from (a pain, etc); to allay.
2 to comfort, calm or compose someone.
3 intr to have a calming, tranquillizing or relieving effect.
[Anglo-Saxon gesothian to confirm as true]
soothing noun , adjective .
soothingly adverb .

1 a person or thing that soothes.
2 a baby's dummy teat.

noun someone who predicts the future; a seer or diviner.
[14c: from archaic sooth truth + say]
soothsay verb to foretell or divine.

adjective (sootier , sootiest )
1 covered with, like, or consisting of soot.
2 of or like the colour of soot; black.
sootily adverb .
sootiness noun .

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