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smash pronunciación
verb (smashes , smashed , smashing )
1 tr & intr to break or shatter violently into pieces; to destroy or be destroyed in this way.
2 tr & intr to strike with violence, often causing damage; to burst with great force He smashed his fist down on the table in anger They smashed through the door .
3 colloq to break up or ruin completely Police have smashed an international drugs ring .
4 tr & intr to become or cause to become bankrupt.
5 in racket sports: to hit (a ball) with a powerful overhead stroke.
6 to crash (a car).
noun (smashes )
1 an act, or the sound, of smashing.
2 in racket sports: a powerful overhead stroke.
3 colloq a road traffic accident.
4 ruin or bankruptcy.
5 colloq a smash hit.
adverb with a smashing sound.
[17c: probably from smack1 and mash]

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