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small pronunciación
1 little in size or quantity.
2 little in extent, importance or worth; not great.
3 slender of small build .
4 humble small beginnings .
5 said of thought or action: petty; ungenerous or ignoble.
6 young a small child .
7 minor; insignificant a small problem .
8 said of a printed or written letter: lower-case; not capital.
9 humiliated feel small .
10 said eg of a business: not operating on a large scale.
11 fine in grain, texture, gauge, etc small gravel .
1 the narrow part, especially of the back.
2 (smalls) colloq underclothes.
1 in a low or gentle tone.
2 on a small scale.
3 into small pieces.
[Anglo-Saxon smæl ]
smallish adjective .
smallness noun .
feel small to feel silly, insignificant, ashamed, humiliated, etc.
in a small way unostentatiously.
look small to appear silly or insignificant.

small ad
noun , colloq a classified advertisement.

small arms
plural noun hand-held firearms.

small beer
noun , colloq something unimportant or trivial.

small calorie see under calorie

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