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skin pronunciación
1 the natural outer covering of the human or animal body.
2 an animal hide, with or without the fur or hair attached.
3 the outer covering of certain fruits and vegetables.
4 any outer covering or integument sausage skin .
5 complexion greasy skin .
6 a semi-solid coating or film on the surface of a liquid.
7 a container for liquids made from an animal hide.
8 the outer covering of a craft, eg aircraft.
9 (usu skins) colloq, jazz drums.
10 slang a skinhead.
11 slang a cigarette paper for making a joint ( noun 5).
verb (skinned , skinning )
1 to remove or strip the skin from something.
2 to injure by scraping the skin He skinned his elbow when he fell .
3 slang to cheat or swindle.
4 intr (often skin over) said of a wound, etc: to become covered with skin.
[12c: from Norse skinn ]
by the skin of one's teeth very narrowly; only just.
get under someone's skin colloq
1 to greatly annoy and irritate them.
2 to become their consuming passion or obsession.
no skin off one's nose colloq not a cause of even slight concern or nuisance to one.
save one's or someone's skin see under save.
skin someone alive to severely reprimand them.
skin up to prepare and roll a cigarette that contains an illegal substance, especially cannabis or cocaine.

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