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shop pronunciación
1 a room or building where goods are sold or services are provided.
2 a place providing specific goods or services a barber's shop a betting shop .
3 a spell of shopping, especially for food or household items.
4 a place where mechanics work, or where any kind of industry is pursued; a workshop machine shop .
5 a place of employment or activity.
6 talk about one's own business.
verb (shopped , shopping )
1 intr to visit a shop or shops, especially in order to buy goods.
2 slang to betray or inform on someone to the police, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon sceoppa treasury]
all over the shop colloq scattered everywhere; in numerous places.
set up shop to establish or open a trading establishment.
shut up shop colloq to stop trading, either at the end of the working day or permanently.
talk shop colloq to talk about one's work or business, especially in a tedious way.
shop around
1 to compare the price and quality of goods in various shops before making a purchase.
2 colloq to explore the full range of options available before committing oneself to any.

También tienes: SOP, sop
shop assistant
noun someone serving customers in a shop.

shop floor
1 the part of a factory or workshop where the manual work is carried out.
2 the workers in a factory, as opposed to the management.

shop steward
noun a worker elected by others to be an official trade union representative in negotiations with the management.

shop window
1 a window of a shop in which goods are arranged in a display.
2 any means of displaying something to advantage.

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