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sharp pronunciación
1 having a thin edge or point that cuts or pierces.
2 having a bitter pungent taste.
3 severely or harshly felt; penetrating sharp pain .
4 sudden and acute sharp increases a sharp bend .
5 abrupt or harsh in speech; sarcastic.
6 easily perceived; clear-cut or well-defined a sharp contrast .
7 keen or perceptive.
8 eager; alert to one's own interests.
9 barely honest; cunning.
10 fit; adept or able.
11 having abrupt or acute corners.
12 colloq stylish a sharp dresser .
13 music higher in pitch by a semitone C sharp .
14 music slightly too high in pitch.
1 music a note raised by a semitone, or the sign indicating this (?).
2 music the key producing this note.
3 colloq a practised cheat; a sharper a card sharp .
4 a long slender needle.
5 (sharps) the hard parts of wheat.
1 punctually; on the dot at 9 o'clock sharp .
2 suddenly pulled up sharp .
3 music high or too high in pitch.
[Anglo-Saxon scearp ]
sharply adverb .
sharpness noun .
at the sharp end in the position of greatest difficulty, pressure, danger, stress, etc in any activity or situation.
look sharp colloq to hurry up; to be quick.

sharp practice
noun unscrupulous dealing, verging on dishonesty.

adjective eager or keen in appetite for anything, especially food.

adjective critical or harsh in speech; sarcastic.

adjective quick to perceive, act or react; keenly intelligent or alert.
sharp-wittedly adverb .

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