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SHAPE pronunciación
abbreviation Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe, NATO.

shape pronunciación
1 the outline or form of anything.
2 a person's body or figure.
3 a form, person, etc I had an assistant in the shape of my brother .
4 a desired form or condition We'll have to get the contract into shape We like to keep in shape .
5 a general condition in bad shape .
6 an unidentifiable figure; an apparition There were shapes lurking in the dark .
7 a mould or pattern.
verb (shaped , shaping )
1 to form or fashion; to give a particular form to something.
2 to influence to an important extent the event that shaped history .
3 to devise, determine or develop to suit a particular purpose.
[Anglo-Saxon scieppan ]
shapeable or shapable adjective .
in any shape or form at all.
out of shape
1 unfit; in poor physical condition.
2 deformed or disfigured.
take shape
1 to take on a definite form.
2 to finally become recognizable as the desired result of plans or theories.
shape up colloq
1 to appear to be developing in a particular way This project is shaping up well .
2 to be promising; to progress or develop well.
3 to lose weight; to tone up I'm trying to shape up for summer .

1 having an ill-defined or irregular shape.
2 unattractively shaped.
shapelessness noun .

adjective having an attractive, well-proportioned shape or figure.
shapeliness noun .

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