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shade pronunciación
1 the blocking or partial blocking out of sunlight, or the relative darkness caused by this.
2 an area from which sunlight has been completely or partially blocked.
3 any device used to modify direct light, eg a lampshade.
4 a device, eg a screen, used as a shield from direct heat, light, etc.
5 US a window-blind.
6 an obscure area or location.
7 a dark or shaded area in a drawing or painting.
8 the state of appearing less impressive than something or someone else He always lived in the shade of his brother's achievements Her singing puts mine in the shade .
9 a colour, especially one similar to but slightly different from a principal colour a lighter shade of blue .
10 a small amount; a touch My house is a shade smaller than that .
11 (shades) colloq sunglasses.
12 literary a ghost.
verb (shaded , shading )
1 to block or partially block out sunlight from someone or something.
2 to mark with gradations of colour or shadow.
3 (usu shade off or away) to change gradually or unnoticeably.
[Anglo-Saxon sceadu ]
shadeless adjective .
in the shade
1 sheltered from strong light or heat.
2 overlooked or forgotten; in relative obscurity.

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