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secret pronunciación
1 kept hidden or away from the knowledge of others.
2 unknown or unobserved by others a secret army .
3 tending to conceal things from others; private or secretive.
4 guarded against discovery or observation a secret location .
1 something not disclosed, or not to be disclosed, to others.
2 an unknown or unrevealed method, principle, explanation, etc the secret of eternal youth .
3 a fact or purpose that remains unexplained or unidentified; a mystery.
[14c: from Latin secretus set apart, from se apart + cernere to separate]
secretly adverb .
in on or in the secret having knowledge of or participating in it.
in secret secretly; unknown to others.
keep a secret not to disclose or reveal it.

secret agent
noun a member of the secret service; a spy.

Secret Intelligence Services see under MI6

secret police
noun a police force operating in secret to suppress opposition to the government.

secret service
noun a government department responsible for espionage and national security matters.

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