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safety pronunciación
noun (safeties )
1 the state or fact of being safe.
2 a safety catch.
[13c: from French sauveté , from Latin salvus safe]
there is safety in numbers it is safer to do something risky when there is a larger group of people.

safety belt
1 in vehicles: a belt securing a driver or passenger to their seat as a precaution against injury in a crash.
2 a strap or belt attaching a workman, etc to a fixed object while carrying out a dangerous operation.

safety catch
noun any catch to provide protection against something, eg the accidental firing of a gun.

safety curtain
noun a fireproof curtain between the stage and audience in a theatre.

safety factor
noun , mech & engineering the ratio between the breaking stress in a material or structure, and the safe permissible stress in it.

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