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safe pronunciación
1 free from danger or harm.
2 unharmed.
3 giving protection from danger or harm; secure a safe place .
4 not dangerous or harmful Is it safe to go out?
5 involving no risk of loss; assured a safe bet .
6 said of a friend, companion, etc: reliable or trustworthy.
7 cautious better safe than sorry .
noun a sturdily constructed cabinet, usually made of metal, in which money and valuables can be locked away.
[15c: from French sauf , from Latin salvus ]
safely adverb .
safeness noun .
be or err on the safe side to choose the safer alternative.
play safe see under play.
safe and sound secure and unharmed.
safe as houses colloq extremely safe.

safe haven
1 a demilitarized area in a region of conflict, a war zone, etc that is set aside as a secure area for an ethnic minority or other oppressed group.
2 any refuge considered safe.

safe house
noun a place of safety, especially one kept by the intelligence services or care agencies, whose location is unknown to possible pursuers.

safe light
noun a light used in a photographic darkroom, etc, which emits light of an intensity and colour which will not damage the materials being processed.

safe period
noun , colloq the part of the menstrual cycle during which conception is least likely.

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