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noun , biol any bag-like part in a plant or animal.
[18c: from Latin saccus bag]
saccate adjective enclosed in a sac; pouchlike.

1 a short jerky movement of the eye as it switches from one point to another, as in reading.
2 a short rapid tug on a horse's reins.
[18c: French]
saccadic adjective .
saccadically adverb .

saccharide pronunciación
noun , chem any of a group of water-soluble carbohydrates composed of one or more simple sugars, and typically having a sweet taste.
[19c: from Latin saccharum sugar]

noun a device for testing the concentration of sugar solutions.
saccharimetry noun .

saccharin pronunciación
noun an intensely sweet crystalline substance used as an artificial sweetener.
[19c: from Greek saccharon sugar]

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