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roof pronunciación
noun (roofs or common in spoken English, but non-standard in writing rooves )
a the top outside covering of a building;
b the structure at the top of a building that supports this.
2 a similar top or covering for a vehicle, etc.
3 the interior overhead surface of a room, vault, cave, etc.
4 a dwelling or home two families under the same roof .
5 the top inner surface of an oven, refrigerator, etc.
6 (usu roof of the mouth) the upper inside surface of the mouth; the palate.
7 a high, or the highest, level; an upper limit the roof of the world .
verb (roofed , roofing )
1 to cover or provide something with a roof.
2 to serve as a roof or shelter for something.
[Anglo-Saxon hrof ]
roofed adjective with a roof.
roofer noun someone who makes or repairs roofs.
roofing noun
1 materials for building a roof.
2 the roof itself.
roofless adjective .
rooflike adjective .
go through or hit the roof colloq to become very angry.
have a roof over one's head to have somewhere to live.
raise the roof colloq
1 to make a great deal of noise or fuss.
2 to become very angry.

roof garden
noun a garden on a flat roof of a building.

roof rack
noun a frame attached to the roof of a car or other vehicle for carrying luggage, etc.

roof tree
1 the ridge-pole of a roof.
2 the roof itself.

noun the outside of a roof of a building.
as adjective a rooftop swimming pool .
shout it from the rooftops to make public something that is better kept quiet.

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