Lengua inglesa
1 a large gun that is fired from the shoulder and has a long barrel with a spiral groove on the inside, giving the gun greater accuracy.
2 a groove on the inside of the bore or barrel of a gun.
3 (usu rifles) a body of soldiers armed with rifles; riflemen.
verb (rifled , rifling )
1 to cut spiral grooves in (a gun or its barrel).
2 tr & intr to fire at someone or something with a rifle.
3 to hit or kick (a ball, etc) very hard and direct at a target.
[17c: from French rifler to scratch]
rifling noun
1 the pattern of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a gun.
2 the act of making these grooves.

verb (rifled , rifling )
1 tr & intr to search through (eg a house, safe, etc) thoroughly, usually in order to steal something from it.
2 to steal something.
[14c: from French rifler to plunder]
rifler noun .
rifling noun .

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